Donut Animation

Cap'n Magneto's Donut Life is available for
Mac OS X only.
Recommended: G4 or Intel, 10.4 or higher.
Cap'n Magneto's
Donut Life Donut Life Control Box

Retired again from the Intergalactic Rangers, Cap'n Magneto spends much of his time toying with an alien artifact. He found this control box on Rigel IV, in the ruins of an ancient Plexon civilization.

Donut Life
(2.8 MB disk image)

When he activates it in the dark of night, it produces what looks like an image of a red plastic donut. Pressing the buttons produces a variety of yellow forms that move, grow, merge, collide, shrink, and disappear.

Is it a child's toy? A religious artifact? A scientific instrument? Cap'n Magneto doesn't know.

Cap'n Magneto's Donut life is Shareware. It costs US$5.95 to register. You can register online via credit card from within the program, or register through Cap'n Magneto's Kagi Store. Please download and try it out! Certain controls are disabled until you register.

Cap'n Magneto is sincerely grateful to John Conway, who invented the game of life in 1970.

Donut Life
for US$5.95 at Cap'n Magneto's Kagi store

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