Cap'n Magneto fights a Tuorg
The Cap'n Magneto Shareware Proposition

It's really quite simple. Please go ahead and download Cap'n Magneto. Play it as much as you want. Give away as many copies as you want to your friends.

You'll find there's one place in the game with a sign that says "Only Registered Users". You can't go there until you register. Actually, you CAN go there -- but nothing interesting will happen.

By no coincidence at all, this place is the only source of certain things you must have in order to complete the game.

You gain access to this place by registering the game through KAGI. The registration fee is $20. You will receive a registration code which will unlock the game. Cap'n Magneto will have more adventures, will eventually find the hidden space ship and blast off, and you will win.

And that's it!
Cap'n Magneto 2.1 is available in three different builds.

Cap'n Magneto 2.1 CARBON: This version runs natively under MacOS X, and under MacOS 8.6-9.2 with CarbonLib installed in the System Folder.

  • Download Cap'n Magneto 2.1 CARBON! (version 2.1, 424k Stuffit Archive)

  • Cap'n Magneto 2.1 PPC: Compatible with any PowerPC Macintosh running MacOS 7.5 through MacOS 9.2.

  • Download Cap'n Magneto 2.1 PPC! (version 2.1, 408k Stuffit Archive)

  • Cap'n Magneto 2.1 68k: This version should be compatible with any 680x0 Macintosh running System 7.0 or better.

  • Download Cap'n Magneto 2.1 68k! (version 2.1, 404k Stuffit Archive)
  • Up to now, demand for a native Windows version of Cap'n Magneto has not been high enough to justify the expense of creating one. But we're certainly keeping track! Meanwhile, see "Download for Basilisk II", below.

    If you want a Windows version, please send us your email address, along with any comments. We'll let you know as soon as it's released!
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    Any other comments?

    Basilisk II is an open-source Macintosh emulator. It can turn a Windows or Linux machine into a full-fledged 68k Macintosh. The Basilisk II home page has all the details.

    Cap'n Magneto 2.1 68KBII: This version is specially modified for compatibility with the Time Manager implementation in Basilisk II.

  • Download Cap'n Magneto 2.1 68KBII! (version 2.1, 404k Stuffit Archive)