Cap'n Magneto's Tricorder Display
Why do creatures who seem to be friendly attack me?

Maybe you were fighting them a bit earlier in the game? They have memories, and some of them are sneaky!

I had a friendly Flaminid, and it just died suddenly. I didn't do anything to it. What happened?

Flaminids just freak out sometimes. So do Starfires. They're good fighters, but don't have much defense, and they're inclined to be emotionally unstable.

How in the world do you bribe an official?

Under the counter, of course! (Hint: officials are greedy.)

A plexon just came up and killed me, even though I had the spacesuit and the phaser and plenty of experience! What's up with that?

You can't tell what a plexon is by looking at it. You've got to be sure to "Check your Tricorder"!

There's a mad Grue behind a tree on my right and a mad Bataraxx behind another tree on my left. How can I escape?

If you just stay where you are, sometimes enemies will lose interest and go away if they can't get to you.

Do you still have saved games from the original version of Cap'n Magneto? They'll work fine with the new version.

A Yapitz often has something in his mouth.

Sometimes you find a strong friend!

Strong Plexon
This composite shot, from a saved game sent in by an observant user, shows the strongest "unoiled" Plexon ever encountered.

How strong can Cap'n Magneto get, anyway?

Cap'n Magneto STRONG
There doesn't seem to be any limit. This composite screen shot, from a saved game sent in by a user with too much time on hizzerher hands, shows him with a couple of Plexons strong enough to do ALL his fighting for him!